The visual will be an interpretation of the meaning “don’t shoot” by aiming the gun at one’s self. 

Touching on the topics of self destruction and the hyper-awareness of one’s surroundings.

Opening on a lighter tone, Isaiah is shown as a child swinging on a swing set in slow motion. The sky is blue and it feels like summer. 

He’s having a great time as we see him in a first-person angle while swinging. 

He jumps off the swing and as right before he lands… 

We transition to Zay smoking while a stack of money is on the night stand beside him

SCENE 1 (cont…)
He gets up and walks through the house looking around and we see how grand it is, but the furniture in it resembles that of secondhand furniture. A single couch and a flimsy table in a large living room. Backwood guts on the table/empty bottles scattered around. (symbolic to a house not being a home)

Zay is driving around in his car while dressed up. He’s smoking/performing as he cruises around, peeping his neighborhood.

SCENE 2 (cont…)
As he’s driving he’s noticing everyone that’s outside of their homes are watering their plants and their grass. Everyone is symbolically tending to their own home while not paying any attention to him..

Childhood footage of kids playing with a dollhouse. The Lil Zay is seen not far away, daydreaming while staring at the dollhouse as the kids are having a good time. 

Expanding on Isaiah’s self awareness we witness how trauma & habits grow into adult hood with a time lapse sequence of Isaiah & Lil Zay’s similar behaviors 

Younger Zay is coloring in his bedroom alone. We see different album cover-style drawings on the table. He finishes the drawing he’s working on and looks at it, as we see his finished product is a burning home. 

In transition from the childhood close up of his face, we cut to present day Isaiah’s face up close and slowly zoom out, showing his hands up while watching his home burning up in flames.
We never see the house in flames, but the bright light from the fire
casts on him as we hear the fire crackling.



this is the first page users will see they’ll be able to interact with the burning house by rotating around and zooming in. there will be a 3d moving fire inside of the house with a unique effect that changes over time. the background will be sky and the ground will be grass texture created with crayons + analog textures


This room will display all the videos through either VHS format or DVD format. users will be able to select videos and watch through


This room will have speakers on the wall and a user interface for selecting through songs on the album. we can add small touches here like bottles / graf on the walls. another idea is to make the wall drawable so users could choose from a color palete to draw their own space inside the burning house. you can see the room navigation on the bottom right


This room will have merch displayed in a closet-like environment.