I’m So In Love With Time

The summer light
It shines
Until the end of day
When you look
Past yourself
It’ll start to feel okay
I can still see your clothes
And their velvet
I’m in love with time
So I look the other way

My Dealers House

9 am at the grocery store
I didn’t know what to get for your head

But I’ll roam Instead

You keep on telling me how to be
I insist on
Helping you breathe
This isn’t working
But how it is
I’ll learn to live with it

4 pm at my dealers house
I didn’t know what to get for my head

Ill just forget instead

You keep reminding me
Of the things that I lost
When every day I wake
I just think of the clock
And how America steals my life
sells it For cash in other ppl’s pockets

The Good Times Have Passed

The good
Times have passed

The trees
Are ablaze in the hills
Looks like there’s no coming back

The good times
Have passed

We think we can turn
Their hearts
And the ways of our
Wretched past

The good times
Have passed

The clowns seem to rule
From the hills
And there’s not doubting that

We gotta make this shit
Change if we want to
Together we can do anything
That we want to

The good times are here

Were building us up
And making
Hate disappear

The good times are here

Making this love
Open for any one
That are near

The Moment When You’re Locked Out

You told me
You’d leave the back door
Open for me
You have lied before

Im not mad
Cause I cant be
But I feel pretty alone

Im in the street
Hoping you’ll see my text
And call me
Maybe I might get some rest

Before the world it kills me
Working from 9-5
Until the last day b4 I die


I didn’t know where to go from here

I loved you
With all of my
Heart and my soul
My dear


Everything sand their something
Became our music

Wed stop to start the flowers
And their shadows

Think I’m Special

They all think
Im something special
But I know that I’m not
We all look for rainy days
W can stand out in the street

I try to fight all the
Ways they tell me
How to be a man

They abuse and
Figure that it’s
The only way to be
The only way to be

Once In The Cave

Upon a wayward fence is
Where I lost my heart
You held near it near
As I felt a restart
Of my souls desires
My tragic flaws
I saw them in me
All at once

I came to
The grove
In search of a key
I thought I’d find it in you
You found it in me
We open the door
To the darkened decay
You held my hand
As we ferried away

Once in the cave
You said I’d find out
I breathed in the musk
And opened my mouth

I locked up the chains
Said goodbye to good love
And carries my sins
Below the treacherous isle

Once the cave
You said this was deep
To forget the past
Is to wake in your sleep

They Are Stealing Our Time

I’m was learning
Before they could tell me not to

Purple roses on my
When I walk in
He says
Who are those from

A cigarette on my lips like I’m
No longer scared of death

My boss
Says I should just
Put in my time
And I night get it back

Do You Fear Death?

With ice
You’ll see
A sigh
Of harmony
The silhouette you left me in
Point at me pink finger tips

Cause I’ve lost you
To sound of the street
I’d carry u with my all in it
Bracing for the mess I’m in

I’ve seen death
Too many times b4
I hear her when I blink awake
But The sounds of love will carry me

Do you fear it
Like I do
Like we’ve seen

I AM So Scared

I was so scared
I was so scared

You didn’t have
A clue at all
Standing there
Like a chameleon

I was so scared