the first experience. 



i encourage you focus purely on your breathing and the breathing of all things living and with spirit.

sit with plants or outside

afraid to hold

i encourage you focus on the most difficult aspects of your life to hold. your self, family, friends, future.

on your bed or safest place

the cliff's edge

imagine yourself near a river or pool, looking at what’s inside. go on an adventure in your mind. eat fruit, see birds, watch sky.

be in nature or as close as you can get

touching chakras

i encourage you to hum at the same resonance as the voices. try higher and then lower. experiment with your throat and chest.

be where you can make sound and be alone


i encourage you to watch light through your eyes as they’re closed and feel warmth and vibe of the sun.

sit in or near sunlight; direct is best 

ancestors through cicadas & wind

i encourage you to think of those who brought you to this land and to those before and those before them. think as far back as you can.

sit in your home or a place familiar to you; shrine


born to not be tamed

i encourage you to create a mantra that reflects your uniqueness and repeat and sit with it. “i am capable of loving myself”


in my experience, it’s the practice of focusing on breathing and letting the mind wander. this will look and feel different for everyone

meditation helps me calm my thoughts and take actions with more intentional light. in this world of capitalism, it’s difficult to find comfort and solace in decisions as we make them quickly

as i practice meditating through creating music, i felt as if this would be a good way to help others guide their experience while experimenting with ambient music. 

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