love in the morning, cry in the evening

the story...

this collection of music was recorded at the Deli inside of John’s studio.

i remember stepping into the studio already feeling inspired, and feeling blessed i would have the space to myself for a few days.

the day before John left, i was digging around for instruments to use and found his beloved Martin acoustic guitar. 

when i picked it up, i realized it was in a strange tuning i’ve never used and i didn’t want to know. all of these songs were written in this mystery tuning and i feel like it gave the compositions their own character that connects the album. 

for the next 4 days i stayed inside of my meditative practice of waking up, completing my routines, and stepping into writing songs. i limited myself to only the martin, bass, vocals, and the drum kit. recorded and played by myself. 

between phone calls, coney island runs with The Lasso, and finalizing the Lyrical Lemonade website, these songs were the cohabitation of these activities in the pendulum of detroit. 

halal around every corner. aunties and uncles that looked just like my own. distant sounds of ambulances arriving at their destination. hamtramck!

after completing these versions, i spent some weeks mixing each track on my laptop trying to find a balance across them. 

i shared the music with close collaborators and friends to get feedback and also find solace in keeping my voice and instrumentation just my own. 

this music is simply practice and a reflection of my own praxis in somatic art experiences for myself. i hope you too can connect with meditating yourself and allowing this work to mediate some of that. 



I thought
They cared about me
Turns out
Hes really stuck
Fucked in the head
it Sucks
Never meant
To open it
Seems so good
On my finger tips

Mary seemed
To forget about me
Never paid
The cash fuck
Seems like im in stuck
For the imminent
Felt so good
I dipped right in

I love with
Every morning
Cry in the evening
Meet up with buddies
Who build up achievements
Theres something thats funny
Bout life when its boring
Its nothing i recommend
to People who are growing

Learned anger is cancer
While simple is pleasing
Meant to be powerful but
Didn’t find a reason
To give up whats allowable
Like bracing every season
And living in the moment 

She Speaks
into me carelessly
I feel
This inside of everything
Won’t u just save me
A piece of whats good
So i can hold all the rest

I believe
In all of what is good for me.
Like grieving
Waiting for my heart to come
As wholesome
I want the best for me
Maybe its rest for me d

We should keep our
Honor roll

Well see who’s here to stay

Fly Thru the air
It Feels like march 5th day

Theres a man here in tears
Doesn’t know what to say
Seems to be stuck in years
I add him to the wait

Licorice kiss
Much like
The street tar
We wont ever go far
From here

Bring me a wish
The ones that
U fear to hope
The ones that u hope to fear
I know
I know

That boy only brings u pain
Im not the same as him
Like a hurricane
U brought him in

Im here for residue
Much like each early june
We prepare for you
In the wind
in the rains
world, you come

I was born
At each
That meets me at dawn
Frozen till the sunglight
Beans onto the high way
Breaking at the shoulder
I had wished i was older

Seeing me for
What i am
My mothers cannot
So im Sleeping
To the highways
wish heart was colder
Living so much faster
Is this living faster

If i take
What is given
Would i have held u
Born to be a heathen
Since time is just a virtue

Why’d you leave
Theres nothing
For u there
why are u
So Full of fear of me

You’re so full of grief
I tried to hold u close
God only knows i did

How will we build whats new
When were always fighting

Leaving my meadows view
For the street lighting

Walking between worlds
When i should still be writing

Placing whats good in my view
Even when death is enticing

U were never here to give up
Im alway so proud of u
always knew I would come up
Now I’m to the side of u

Would u give it to me?
If i wasnt
Built for it
Lay me down
In the murk and the mud
Theres something for me

I wasnt built for our love dear
Boiled way too much
I can hear
The sign in his voice
It sounds like
Angels cry

Wasnt built for the city lights
Felt like
Colder detroit nights
Might be the wind
How it feels like
A symphony

Would u just sing with me now
Much like your mother does
Sounds like
The other ones
that were born before her

Im built for the ancient cries
The ocean waves and mountains
Sigh im afraid
Of what we built 
So afraid of what we had