doechi treatment

The video concept revolves around Doechii getting pampered @ the Mansion and revolves around the idea that she has super powers and special abilities (all woman are super heroes ) with each shot showcasing one of her “powers”. The focus is taking the the most relatable and iconic aspects of womanly life and exaggerating them to the dopest level



Animated DOECHII character “astral projects” into her own head flying thru window of the crib with exposition shots of the environment. (shot will be created using drone & after effects) climbing into DOECHII ear then she wakes up

intro CONCEPT 2

Starts with an Over the bed shot of her just waking up pupils dilating (insert gif of eyes) very dynamic closeup. Possibly another shot of her leaning forward and lighting a joint. As she gets up its revealed that her hair is 100 feet long and she has a leathered man holding the hair on some crazy Cleopatra boss bitch vibes Then followed by exposition shots of the environment (i.e the bedroom and and the staircase leading to the living room)

scene 2

The video continues with Doechii going into the living room where an older lady (of asian descent) is waiting there to do her acrylics. Its in this shot that the first super power is showcased TITANIUM NAILS!!! we’ll probably shoot real sparks from a grinder & enhance with vfx

scene 3

Doechii leaves acryllic station to go get in the bathtub( b-roll of her running through the house blowing smoke maybe she slices something with her nails otw etc.

scene 3

Bath tub scene will be vibey; utilizing lighting. In this scene we’ll highlight the magic of skincare and cosmetics. She will be holding a bath bomb that has a swirling universe inside of it. The lights are on a timer and when Doechii interacts with the bath bomb light will sync to the music.