why does right to repair matter in music?

as u could probably guess i am an advocate of right to repair, if youre unfamiliar, check out louis rossman or at least just understand how me fixing things all over my channel means id rather fix old stuff than buy new stuff why is that? and why does right to repair matter in music? […]

is being cool, even cool?

in SF, i’ve been hanging out with some friends of friends from work. they are really sweet, we’ve been having a great time. there have been two events i’ve brought them along to, and they have pointed out how everyone is “cool”. i said that i thought they were cooler. and they didn’t seem to […]

is “independent” music doomed to fail?

i’ve been reading this article and scouring reddit at the same time. an interesting juxtaposition. it was written about 12 years ago, about when streaming starting to pick up but before it changed how we listen to music. its been making me think a lot about independent music, and what that means for people who […]

gear sniping = toxic af

this past weekend in SF i went to see Standing On The Corner ensemble at the smartbomb x SFJazz collab show. it was pretty awesome. i felt inspired by all the vendors and music and got a bunch of cassette tapes and vinyls. i love when people can get together and listen to good music […]