Paul The Simple

MY Favorite


like airdrop but for any device

up to 2GBs file size sending, other than that might b sus

if you’re doing permissions right, this is the best. but never send something that isn’t shared pls

MY Favorite


this dude literally built photoshop in a web browser. a bit clunky but easy photoshop replacement

one of the best image manipulators and it’s completely free. lots of tutorials on youtube and has almost all features of photoshop

not full feature but great for making stuff on the go. sus with privacy i assume

MY Favorite


this guy really did it right. simple to use compressor, two knobs and one attack/release switch. i use it on almost any source and even for podcasting!!@!!! haha. he has other free plugins too that are fantastic

very sick valhalla plugin that has both reverb and delay built in. you can turn off either so it makes it super functional and great on almost any track in a send/return track. extra trippy effects and even great for spoken word / poetry

they make completely free hardware emulations of very popular hardware. competes with waves / uad (to some extent) and has some cool creative plugins as well. big recommend